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Animated PageDoll Walkcycle
The classic PageDoll is back!
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Running PageDoll for YMINU by DemiSaurusRex Nezu Walkcycles by DemiSaurusRex
Animated PageDoll roar
The classic PageDoll is back!
Want to see your character move? Commission me through this widget or note.
Paypal price is $30,-

PageDoll YCH auction (CLOSED) by DemiSaurusRex Delightful monster by DemiSaurusRex Kaito the zombiehound by DemiSaurusRex
A simple sketch/ sloppy lineart of your character on a simple paper texture background.
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Angelus Gaston by DemiSaurusRex
Headshot / Bust
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Lovecraft Commission by DemiSaurusRexNightmare Freddy by DemiSaurusRex Ezai by DemiSaurusRex Yato. by DemiSaurusRex Karma by DemiSaurusRex  
Full body art
A full body art of your character without any background.
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Bucking Ponyta by DemiSaurusRex Dashing Rapidash by DemiSaurusRex Sir Reginold Von TeaRex by DemiSaurusRex Rai Clockworks by DemiSaurusRex MofoMiner by DemiSaurusRex
Full body art, background
A full body art of your character with a soft gradient background.
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Treasure guard Commission by DemiSaurusRex The Plague Lord by DemiSaurusRex Blue Dragon by DemiSaurusRex Goblins Commission by DemiSaurusRex


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Got tagged by ReyhanKk, I usually don't do these kind of thing but his questions seemed fun :) 

1. Tell 13 things about yourself
2. Answer the 13 questions given to you by the tagger (honestly, please)
3. Give out 13 questions for the people you are going to tag
4. Tag 13 people using either : icon playername : or @ playername (remove the spaces and use 'preview' to make sure they are correct)
5. Please do not tag people back, most people are very busy.
6. You can choose whether you want to do questions or tell things about yourself first, but please put the people you are tagging and their questions at the bottom of the entry.

1. Anything for halloween, this year?
Unfortunately not, I caught the flu TT-TT 

2. Are you into cosplay?
Hell to the yes! <3 

3. If you do, what would your next outfit look like?
For now I'd like to expand my Steampunk cosplay and repair it,
And possibly turn the whole thing into an oc because it feels as if it lacks a whole lot of things xD

4. Who is your favorite fictional character or oc?
My favorite fictional characters change all the darn time! 
Whatever I currently obsess with goes.. :"D
But my fav. oc and Persona is Damien Drackonis Amuca Demonia aka the devil (in my story) 

5. Do you have any unfulfilled dreams?
Yes... a whole lot unfortunately life isn't going all to great at the moment but I'll survive!
And strive to achieve those dreams

6. What is your favorite art style?
There's a lot of diffrent things I like but recently the tattoo design art styles have caught my eye. 
I generally love things with sharp and smooth lining, things that also show in my own work. 

7. What will your next artwork be?
The final inktober art of this year and the demon canine fursona of a commissioner :)

8. Anything big planned before the end of 2016?
Not really 

9. Are you into creepypasta?

10. If yes, then which one is your favorite? (It can also be a fan-written one.)
Usually come across them on "freaky" youtube video's on the "wrong side" of youtube..
so I don't really know.. I'm into anything strange and freaky lololol! 

11. If you could choose any game world to live in, which one would it be?
Though one.. I'd either want to be a vault hunter on Pandora (Borderlands world) 
or live a steampunk-ish life in the world of Bioshock Infinate.
Than again the augmented future in Deus Ex is also quite intresting.. but.. a bit to much drama and corruption..
aka to much like our own world

12. If you could pick one particular power or attack, (could be anything) what would it be?
OH MY GOD NO you didn't just friggin ask me this!!!!
I've discussed this a lot with my role play friends <3 but damn it is so hard to choseee!!!
I'd probably go for psychic tho.. since secretly being able to make people you dislike fly away does sound very attractive :"D

13. Can I get some feedback on my art? (I can take criticism)
You are going very well :D <3 
Just keep practicing on lighting, posing and perspective ;P 
nobody is perfect and we all have our own destinctive styles but I definately like where you are going!
Keep up the good work and stop by for feedback whenever you want or need it <3

I wouldn't really know who to tag so if you want to do this just go ahead! :) 
(Do mention me in your post so I can read the results :D)
My questions (I'll borrow some of ReyhanKk) :

  1. Who's your favorite artist on DA? 
  2. Why are they your favorite ;)
  3. What kind of things inspire you in your work?
  4. Scaredy cat or Thrill seaker? 
  5. Who's your favorite super hero?
If you could pick one particular power or attack, (could be anything) what would it be?
  7. Are you a gamer? 
  8. If yes what are your favorite games? 
  9. Are you into Cosplay? 
10. If yes what is your current favorite costume?
11. Why did you deceide to watch me? What made you push that button!? lolol ;) 
12. What is your opinion on this website? (very curious about this one since I personally don't always enjoy it)
13. Could you give me some feedback on my art? And if you like it tell me why? :) 
       (There is always room for improvement~)


DemiSaurusRex's Profile Picture
Demi Amuca
| Welcome! | Hello! | Hi! |

I am best known as Demi, Animation and Illustration are the things I love to do!
At time I also like to snap some pictures, I usually don't share those here.

Together with my best friend Revi I love to create characters for our roleplay world.
If you'd like to know more about that follow this page:

Besides all that I am starting with a business of my own!
You can find all about that on the following sites:

My awesome friends:
:iconreviwolfe: :iconnezupanda:
:iconmiss-italia: :iconreyhankk:
Give them some love OwO

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